About us

Cost effective solutions to our clients


To make our customers happy and to achieve sustainable long term growth


To provide the most professional, prominent, informative, loyal, and dedicated service in the industry. Also to offer the best solution with the greatest service possible


According to Arthashastra, "Philosophy is ever thought of as the lamp of all sciences, as the means of all actions (and) as the support of all laws (and duties)." Our philosophy is simple - to be the absolute best in the industry we serve. In continually changing business environment we recognize the requirement for continuous improvement to meet the needs of our customers. While achieving these goals, Vasudeva I. T. Solutions is committed to conducting all of its business activities in compliance with ethical standards and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Why us ?

One stop shop

to overcome your headaches for design, consulting, integration, implementation and successful commissioning of all the IT solutions.

We collaborate with our clients

to establish strategies that will enhance their current business platforms and prepare for future challenges.

We give perfect integrated solution

using latest technology that fits client requirement at competitive rates.

We cater to customers nationwide

and facilitate our expertise which helps you to create and maintain IT solutions customized to your needs.

Our organizational efforts and strategies

are geared towards satisfying the needs and demands of our customers.

We consider client satisfaction

and overall TCE as the top most priority coupling it with offering expert advice and cost effective solutions to our clients all over India.

Serviceability & professionalism

For us Serviceability and professionalism always comes first.

We have long term plans

and a vision set for years ahead. Our customers rest assured that we are here now and will be here for many years ahead.